Marriage Proposal Letter, Sample & Format

Marriage Proposal LetterA Marriage Proposal letter is another way to propose marriage to your loved one. It is a form of endearment which allows the proposer to express his deep feelings to his bride-to-be. The letter contents show the bridegroom-to-be his intentions of marrying his soul mate. It can be a simple letter with the most important question worded beautifully to coax an affirmative from the bride-to-be.


John L. Price

2910 Tipple Road
Langhorne, PA 19047

June 14, 2010


Sarah Spates

3852 Stuart Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Dearest Sarah

Re: Marriage Proposal

You are the joy of my life! Knowing you the last two years; has been the best years of my 28 years of life! Having thought over and over, I am very sure I want to write this letter to you. I am keeping it very simple for the most important question of our lives.

Would you, dearest Sarah, give me the greatest pleasure and honor to be my beloved wife, to cherish and to love all the days of our lives, please? Allow me to be your knight and light for your life. I am so excited to hear you say ‘YES!’

This letter will give you some time to consider my marriage proposal before I say it again in front of you soon. You will make my heart swell with an affirmative. I look forward to spending all my days with you as we watch our kids grow.

Your loving John.

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