Marriage Leave Letter


When working in a corporate world, it is always important to be in the good books of your bosses. Taking very frequent vacations and leaves from work will not leave a very good impression on your superiors. But, when it comes to marriage, a vacation can be taken and can be requested for with the management by providing them with a formal letter. This letter contains any specific details about the date from which you would be unavailable and whose wedding it is that you need to attend.

A Marriage Leave Letter is a letter that is sent to the management regarding a request for leave for a marriage function. The letter can mention the reason for your leave, and in the case of any emergency, your contact details must also be mentioned in case anyone from the office would need your help. The person asking for the vacation can also suggest any other employee who could handle their responsibilities during their leave of absence.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Marriage Leave letter.


Rohan Mehra

Assistance Marketing Manager

Jerome Media Pvt. Ltd.


26  April 2015


The Human Resource Department

Jerome Media Pvt. Ltd.


Subject: Request for leave for a cousin’s Marriage

Respected Sir/Madam

I am an Assistant Manager in the Marketing Department of Jerome Media Pvt. Ltd. I would like to humbly request the management for a leave of absence from 5th May 2015 to 10th May 2015 as I have to attend a marriage that is taking place in my family on 9th May 2015. The wedding is of my first cousin and I would very much like to attend all the function. Thus a leave of 5 days is requested.

According to the Management’s Employee Policy, an Employee can take up to 4 weeks of vacation in a business year. I haven’t used any of my paid leave for the year and would like to ask for the paid vacation now, calling upon the employee policy and rights.

I would finish off all my duties by the 4th of May and in case of any emergency, I can be reached on 9825370725. I have briefed Ashok Yadav, my immediate junior in the Marketing Management Department, of all my duties and he would take over any of my duties if need be.

I would be highly grateful to you if you would oblige with my request and let me be on a paid leave. Hoping for a positive response from your side

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Rohan Mehra

Assistant Marketing Manager

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