Marriage Leave application


A marriage leave application is a letter submitted by an employee to the boss or management to apply for days of absence due to the wedding. Although most companies allow a certain number of days for marriage, most may require a formal application for the marriage leave. This letter could serve as a cover letter to the wedding leave application of the company.

As it is a leave application letter, the reason for which you are taking the leave should be explained in a clear way. In this case, as it is a ‘marriage leave application’ you need to mention the details like how many days you need leave and if you are inviting your colleagues asking permission on their behalf to attend the marriage. In the end, mention you are expecting a positive reply as it is an application letter and thank you them in advance.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Marriage Leave application letter


Edna O’Brien,

QA Executive,

Thornton Sound Systems.



Mr. Bob Seymour,

HR Manager,

Thornton Sound Systems.

Subject: Marriage Leave application

Dear Sir,

I am writing to submit the above mentioned leave application for your kind approval and processing.

I, Edna O’Brien, am working as a QA Executive in your company since 2009. I am writing this letter to apply leave for eight days as I intend to get married on February 14, 2011, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. As it is the company rule to fill a leave form for leave, enclosed is a copy of the company’s leave form for marriage which I have duly filled up. I shall be taking my marriage entitlement leave of 3 days from February 9-11, 2011 with five days of my annual leave, from February 14-18, 2011. February 12, 13, 19 and 20 are weekends. As my number of leave days are within the limit of annual leave, I think you have no problem with my leave application.

Hence, I shall only be reporting to work on February 21, 2011. My boss, Mr. Henry Majors, is aware of my leave plans and we have worked out my work responsibilities during my absence. As all the alternatives for the work have been done in my absence, I hope to hear a favorable reply from you soon so that I can proceed with my marriage preparations as you know huge work has to be done. I want my team colleagues to attend for my marriage so kindly give a three-hour permission to them for attending my marriage. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Hope you would react positively in this situation.

Yours Sincerely,


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