Marketing Proposal Letter


The marketing proposal letter is written by the marketing department of a company to propose a fresh marketing strategy to the company’s top level management or the clients. This letter can also be written by the new marketing service to the existing companies to get them switch to their services. It is essential to write a new and attractive letter so tempt the reader to do what you want them to. Make certain that the letter includes all the necessary details about the marketing proposal and also the ways to implement it.

This is a formal letter and needs to follow a set format. Make sure that the letter is written in a formal tone and is also to the point. The letter should contain three paragraphs just like the other formal letters. The first paragraph should be the introductory paragraph that needs to specify the reason for writing the letter. The second paragraph is the body of the letter which should clarify the details. In the third paragraph, thank the reader for reading the letter. The sample of the marketing proposal letter will guide you in writing a good letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Marketing Proposal Letter.


Pamela Brooks,

Marketing Manager,

Sion Marketing,

4434 Hickory Ridge Drive,

Las Vegas, NV 89109



Henry Adams

Managing director

Charlie Juices Limited

G-67, second garden road, New York, USA

Subject: Product Promotion

Dear Sir,

I, Pamela Brooks, the marketing manager at the Sion Marketing am writing this letter on behalf of the organization to propose you a marketing strategy that we have curated for your Juice Brand.

We divide the plan into three sections for better understanding, lasting three months each for the next nine months. The first quarter will concentrate on the magazine, newspaper and online marketing. The second quarter shall focus on banner advertising and the third quarter will focus on television advertisements. The estimated budget for the entire campaign is $50000, and at the end of the campaign, we expect a rise of around 25% in the sales.

If the campaign interests you then we can hold a meeting to take this further. In case you need any changes or modifications, do not hesitate to call me on ********* or email me on

Thank you,

Pamela Brooks

Marketing Manager

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