Marketing Letter


A Marketing letter is written to promote an existing or new product/service offered by a company. The Marketing letter is meant to inform its recipients of the product or service promoted in the message in the hope of swaying the reader to make a purchase from the company. The marketing letter is usually very persuasive in its contents.

As the letter is about a new product or a new service offered by the company or industry the details should be concise and precise. It is better to concentrate on the benefits of the product rather than features. If it is about a new service offered by the company or industry, explain in detail about the service and how it will be useful to the client or customer. If there are any offer incentives like early bird discounts and so on Include a call-to-action, like a toll-free number, email, FB page and so on.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Marketing Letter.


Jack Linton,

Products Manager,

Whistler Enterprise,

111 Queens Street,

Oakland, ME 0223.



Daphne Won,


Home Care Services,

212 Bull Street,

San Francisco, CA 9320.

Subject: Amazing Offer on Ex-stock

Dear Ms. Won,

On behalf of Organic Products Enterprise, I would like to thank you for your kind patronage of our quality products this year. As it is close to the year end, we are pleased to inform you of our special offer on many of our products. Please refer to the attached list to view the products that we are planning to offer you at high prices. The offer prices are between 15%-50% off the regular prices. Kindly note the available quantity of each product listed. We have to apologize that we are unable to offer more than what is listed as these are ex-stock. As you know that we strictly look out for the quality of the stock, therefore no entertainment will be allowed in the quality of the stock.

Preference will be on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis; that is, the confirmed order with payment will have the higher priority on the product ordered. We apologize for any inconvenience attached to this fantastic offer of goods. We shall be bringing in more stock at the start of next year, of which you shall be informed. Please call our hotline 0392-28302 or fax your orders today to avoid disappointment. Hope you find this offer useful and would continue your purchasing with us.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Linton,

Products Manager,

Whistler Enterprise.


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