Marketing Letter Of Intent


A marketing letter of intent is a formal letter that specifies the desire of one company (the sender) to make a deal with the business collaboration (the recipient). The letter should be polite and state all the business intentions of the company that proposes the business dealings with the other organization, the recipient. To strike the deal, the marketing letter of intent should be beneficial for the recipient as well.

The marketing letter of intent should be written in such a way that the recipient gets attracted to the deal and strikes the deal. Since this is a formal letter, it is very important to maintain the format. Also, even if you know the recipient well, maintaining a formal tone is vital.  Divide the letter into three paragraphs, the first being the introduction, second being the main body of the letter and then in the third paragraph thank the reader for reading the letter.


The following is a sample of Marketing Letter Of Intent.


Jake Thomas,

Belle Fashions,

87/4432 R K Puram,

New Delhi



Mr. Menon,


Silver Dress Line

The fourth Estate Mall,

Ring Road,

New Delhi

Subject: Marketing Letter Of Intent

Dear Mr. Menon,

We are very inspired by your dedication towards the business. Our company, Belle Fashions, take pride to offer a powerful business partnership with you and we are motivated with your fashion. Based on our deals, we are glad to know that you share the same principles as well as interests.

With this partnership, both the companies would benefit immensely, and the business will grow bigger and better. For advertising, we have unique and creative strategies that we believe would work immensely well.

The merger of both the companies would make both of us more powerful and successful in the fashion industry. We being together, will be able to explore more and implement the endless creative ideas.

We can hold a meeting to take this further. To fix a date and time, you can contact us at ********* or email on Also, if you have any questions in mind regarding the merger that you want to clear before the meeting, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Expressing gratitude toward you.

Yours Truly,

Jake Thomas


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