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Marketing letters play a vital role in reaching out to the customer. The marketing letter proves to be useful only when they are written effectively, fulfill all the needs and also explain how it will help them. The marketing letter is what attracts the clients to use the services.

The letter should be short and simple. A messy letter is not easy to understand, and you need to ensure that all the details should be mentioned explicitly. The letter should not include the marketing terminology but should be clear and precise. Do not address the letter to the person using the first name unless you know that person very well and has worked with before. The marketing letter for services should be formal and needs to follow the particular format. The first paragraph of the letter should be such that the reader cannot leave without reading the entire letter and falls for the strategy. The sample letter mentioned below will give you an idea how to write an effective marketing letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Marketing Letter For Services.


Patricia J. Dupuis,


Adcenter World,

2743 Upton Avenue,

Fryeburg, ME 04037



Brooke P. Martin,

1931 Park Boulevard,

Fryeburg, ME 12337,

Subject: Business Introduction

Dear Valued Customer,

We understand how crucial it is for corporates to maintain a healthy bond with the dealers as well as the customers and to keep them happy with your products or services.

We at Adcenter World would like to offer you advertising campaign that we have previously organized for companies like Globe, Epsar, etc. Apart from this, we even host events such as Customer meets, Dealer Awards, Dealer meets and much more. We promise an evening not be forgotten with food, dance, music, and laughter. All the guests would leave the event with a smile and de-stressed. We handle everything at the event from décor to food. We just want you to unwind, sit back and enjoy the show.

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss this further, kindly email or call us. Thank you for your time. Truly appreciate.

Yours truly,

Patricia J. Dupuis,


Adcenter World

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