Marketing Letter For New Business


A Marketing Letter For New Business is usually written when a person is starting off with a new venture. This new venture could be related to the previous one he/she has or could be a new one altogether. Writing a Marketing Letter For New Business helps you get into the business and commercial world as well.

Writing such a letter is a good idea for informing all your previous clients if any, your colleagues if any and all your relatives. You can also have a complete advertisement of your new venture on various social media networks for targeting your potential clients. This can also serve as an invitation to all the people you know for the inaugural ceremony that might take place for the opening of this new venture.

A well-written letter will have a large number present at your inaugural ceremony, and for this, you might end up getting publicity for your new venture all well. You can give a catch to this new venture by giving discounts and free deals soon after you gain success in the market. This way you’ll gain more customers and power in the market too. The letter should be written politely and joyfully since it is a positive and happy news




Yash Sharma,

3- Royal Apartments,

Riverdale Park Road,




Dear all,

I, along with wife Sarah, would like to announce the start of our new venture, ‘Bundle Of Joy’ which is a store that supplies all products that are needed for a new born baby.

From baby shampoos to baby oils and many other accessories that are required for the child.

We also make customized kits that include all the products in one box and have cheaper rate compared to the individual products. We also make customized kits as per the likeness and comfort of our customers. We also sell products like oils equipment for the new mothers.

Well, all of this was an introduction to what our store will have to offer you, but the primary reason was to invite each one of you for the inaugural party of our new venture. We will have a small religious ceremony which will be followed by snacks and juices. You can get your entire family along with you for the ceremony as it has surprises elements to it. We are going to have small games, and the top three winners will receive the surprises, so get your kids along. I hope to see all of you there.

Thanking you,

Yours affectionately,

Yash Sharma.

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