Marketing Job Cover Letter


A Cover Letter is a letter in which a person speaks about his/ her skills, work experiences. In other words, it is a letter through which he/ she tries to convince the prospective employer that he/ she is fit for the job by talking about his/ her skills in selling, attractive manner. A Marketing Job Cover Letter, as indicated by the name is a cover letter that focuses on the skills and experiences that are relevant to the particular marketing job that you are applying for, that is, it is written for the purpose of acquiring a job in the field of marketing.

Since you are applying for a marketing job, it is crucial that you market yourself rather outstandingly in the cover letter as it shows how well you would market the company and its products or ideas if you are hired. So, make sure that it includes the best of your past achievements. Convince them of your advantage as compared to the other applicants. Add the skills relevant to the job. The key is to keep it simple, yet efficient.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Marketing Job Cover Letter.


John A. Smith

328, Dunham Street

New York



Emma Day

Human Resource Manager

The Day Foundation

44, Raven Street, New York


Subject: Marketing Job Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Day,

I, John Smith, am writing this letter to you to express my interest in the new marketing job available at your company, The Day Foundation. I came to know of the vacancy through the advertisement posted in The Times of India yesterday, on DD/MM/YYYY. Reading through the job description, I realized that this was an ideal job for me.

I am fairly confident that I can do justice to the company if hired. I have four years’ experience working as a Marketing Manager at Pearson Inc., San Francisco. I had to leave the job as I had to shift to New York due to personal reasons. Aside from my productive experience at Pearson Inc., I hold a graduation and post graduation in Marketing.

My time at Pearson Inc. has given me a set of skills which makes me a competent employee. Over time, I have acquired great skill at managing, decision-making, introducing useful ideas and concepts as well as good leadership skills. Apart from this, I am hard-working, responsible and passionate about my job.

I promise you that if I am hired, I will work to the best of my abilities for The Day Foundation and fulfill all your expectations about me. Kindly do consider my application for the same.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

John Smith

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