Marketing Introduction Letter


Marketing letters of introduction are written to help increase sales and thus the profit of the business company. Its primary purpose is to make an individual or business/organization aware of other person or company and their products as well as service. The main contents of the letter should comprise of the name of the individual or group being introduced with their products/services. It is helpful and advantageous if the letter is addressed to a particular person within the organization to which the letter is being sent to.

The letter should be formal and should be precisely to the point. Drifting away from the topic or including other sentences for no reason will work against the introducing person, and the reader can get the idea that the product does not have enough to  mention about. At the end of the letter means of contact should be mentioned like phone number and email as well as the time at which the call can be attended.




Lilly Miller,

Torix Digital Marketing,

Rockside Street,







Mr. Rick Foley,

Lotus Pvt. Ltd.

Pine street,




Respected Sir,

I, Lilly Miller, from Torix Digital Marketing, am writing this letter to you to introduce our new campaign this year which is being started by our company. We are doing this to increase our sales and services offered to our customers. This training program will train all the employees for all the new and acceptable means of sales that take place in the commercial world and the ones that help in increasing profits for the company. We have been able to devise a few rules and regulations after surveying the marketing strategies of some successful businesses and have thus come up with this training program of two days. We would request you to send at least ten of your employees for our new program so that they learn and develop these new skills of sales and services.

We assure you that every employee of yours will enjoy the session and will gain enough knowledge from the same. Along with this are ten forms that need to fill with the details of every employee that is attending the session. I appreciate the time you have taken to read this letter and hope we receive a positive response from your company. If you have any questions, you can drop an email at

Thanking You,


Yours Truly,

Lilly Miller.

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