Marathon Fundraising Letter


Fundraising is an activity or an event organized for people where in they could participate and donate money to a certain cause that the fundraiser is being organized for. The event is to be coordinated and managed in such a way that maximum donors come for it and are willing to donate to the cause. The fundraiser has to be advertised in such a way that maximum people turn up. Hence, a letter invitation can be sent for such purposes.

A Marathon Fundraising Letter is used to send invitations to potential donors to join a specific cause for which the marathon is being held. Such events are usually organized to make people aware and sensitize them to certain issues or causes in the society. The letter must mention the cause for which the marathon is being held, the date for the event, the route for the marathon and any other necessary details that the recipient might require.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Marathon Fundraising Letter.


Julie Pryce

Red Bell Organization

New Jersey

4 March 2015


Amanda Matthews

67, Santa Monica Street

New Jersey

Subject: Fundraising

Respected Ma’am,

In light of the upcoming International Women’s Day on 8th March 2015, I would like to invite you to a ¬†fundraising event for Women’s Rights Awareness Sessions. We are organizing a marathon starting from the Andrews Park on James Street to the City Square for raising funds. It is a 5 miles long marathon which would be held on 8th March 2015.

The marathon and awareness sessions are being organized to make women aware of the legal rights that the State of New Jersey has provided them, and to make them realize their strength and how essential it is to take a stand of your own in the society. The issue has been recognized by the State, and various campaigns have been held on different occasions. Now it is our turn to make a little effort from our own side.

The 5 miles Marathon would have check posts with refreshments and medical facilities at every half a mile to make sure that all contestants are energized and in good health. For setting up such facilities a lot of funds would be required to make sure that our plans are carried out with utmost smoothness.

We humbly request you for any kind of financial aid that you could provide us with to make sure that our plans are carried out and we could help our society become better. Any sort of contribution from your side would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

Julie Pryce

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