Love Proposal Letter

Love Proposal Letter


A love proposal is a very memorable and happy time for a couple. There is no particular format for a love letter. It depends and varies from couple to couple. A romantic love proposal in a written letter format is one which can be read and reread by the couple later on in life. The letter is an expression of one’s love to their lover and is very personal. The letter generally states the writer’s unconditional love to their beloved. The format of the letter is informal. The letter is written in a romantic way expressing true feelings.

A love proposal letter is written primarily for the lady by her lover who is ready for a lifetime commitment. He writes to state his intention of spending the rest of his life with his beloved while declaring his deep love for her. A written proposal for marriage is very romantic as it is a keepsake and allows the lady in love to appreciate the promises and love expressed in the letter.

Sample Letter:

This is a Sample of a Love Proposal Letter.



William Humphrey

1467 Athens Drive

Bakersfield, CA 93304





Lisa Greens

2015 Fiddler Drive

San Antonio, TX 78240


My Dearest Lisa,

RE: Special Message for the One I LOVE

You are the sunshine in my life! Though it may sound lame and cliched , it is true. I feel blissfully happy to have you in my life. I am totally transformed by your love and positive outlook in life (and even all my family and friends agree).

The last 4 years with you have been the best ones of my life. You are not just my lover but also my best friend and greatest believer. You have had faith in me when I had none in myself. You have been pillar of strength and my confidant.

I love you dearly and think of nothing better than to share my life with you, if you are willing. Hence, with all of my love and true sincerity in my heart,

Lisa dearest,


Please say ‘Yes’. I pledge to you my ending love and all. I will care for all your needs and wants; I will fend for you and guard you from all danger and harm. Yes, I am promising you the sky, and I am really on top of the world.

Your ‘Yes’ will even take me to out of this world! Join me!

With all my love,


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