Love Letter

Love Letter


A love letter is written by an individual who is in love with another to express the personal and deep feelings of love. It is a personal letter where one shares his/her thoughts and feelings towards the other party in the love relationship. A love letter serves to strengthen the relationship to take it to a deeper level. A love letter is perhaps the most quaint and most romantic way of expressing one’s feelings to another person. A letter is a personal vehicle of communication that ensures that the emotion of the letter reaches its reader.

A love letter is perhaps the most unconcealed letters that can be written. There are practically no limits about the contents that may be included in the love letter. The letter is very informal as it communicates between two people who know each other very well. If at all the letter is being addressed to the person for the first time, still, the love letter gives the writer the liberty to express his/her feelings to their loved ones. The letter may be as lengthy as the writer may expect it to be. The letter should be written in a loving and passionate manner which exudes love and compassion for the reader.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of a Love Letter.


Donald A. Loeffler

3387 Essex Court

Brattleboro, VT 05301

The United States of America.

Date: May 18, 2010


Carisa L. Parrish

4106 Emily Renzelli Boulevard

Aptos, CA 95003

The United States of America.

Dearest Carisa,

Although I have only gotten to know you for two months, I miss you dearly every day when we are not together. I think of you often and wish we can meet more often than the weekends. Your absence causes me lots of despair and unhappiness. I have become a wilted flower without you by my side. I yearn to meet you.

I hope to call you during lunch hour during the week so that I can at least hear your sweet voice if you are not too busy. Perhaps I can come off work early during the week and drive over to meet you for a night snack and chat. Which night of the week is best for you? Do let me know soonest possible.

I am excited to think that I can meet up with you sooner than I expected.

I am counting the hours till we meet again. I hope you will not keep me waiting.

Yours lovingly,


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