Love Letter To Husband


Love is the only profound emotions known and cherished among human beings. Falling in love means someone else has become far more important than yourself. Love is unconditional and the moment conditions are added to it, it amounts to a transaction. Love is something which cannot be compromised, and the moment people starts compromising it becomes bargaining of life. It is an intense feeling of affection, and it is tough to write it down, but sometimes you need to pour your heart out for that worthy person who has made your life meaningful.

Love letter helps to maintain zing in the relationship keeping the spark alive in it. Writing a love letter to husband might sound childish, but the letter will be the best thing to steal his time and make him smile during or after his hectic working hours and sometimes it is necessary to express feelings and make your husband realize that you love him, that he is your one man army.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Love Letter to Husband.






Kyle Hudson,

4377 Florence Street,

Dallas, TX 75234.

Dearest Kyle,

With god’s blessings and grace, we have completed ten years of our marriage but the memories of our wedding day are still fresh, and it lingers on my soul. Time passes swiftly, and it is very joyous to see us growing old together, just the way I have imagined.

A marriage life is a ride of a roller coaster; it has bumps, it goes up and down and though how much we scream, in the end, we enjoy the ride. I want you for a lifetime as a partner of the roller coaster ride. It doesn’t matter how much we scream and fight with each other because you are the only earthly reason for my existence. You provide same half who understands me better and encourages me to do things which are good for me; you are the one who always supports me and stands by me through best and worst times. You are the one who makes the journey of my life worthwhile. I adore you because you love me for who I am and the way I am, never in these ten years, you have ever tried to change me or put me down.

I am not at all good at expressing my feelings and that I never thought of writing a letter to you but last week while sleeping with my head on your chest, I felt your heartbeat beneath my ears and at that moment thinking of the absence of your heartbeat choked me to death, cold shiver ran down my spines and then and there I thought to write a letter in your name to tell you how ardently I love you, to tell you that you are the one who adds meaning to my life and that, I cannot think of living without you and to inform you that after all these years you are still the only one I love.

Come back soon love.

Forever yours,



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