Love Letter to Boyfriend

Introduction :

Sending a love letter to boyfriend is a very personal thing where one’s deep feelings are revealed as expressed in the letter. When one is in love, a love letter is a good way to express your feelings to the other person so that the relationship can be open and honest. Writing out your feelings in a letter is a good way to let one person know exactly how the other party feels about him or her.

A love letter to boyfriend is an informal and a personal letter wherein a person lets out their feelings regarding the receiver. When in love, expressing your feelings is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. However, many people can’t always speak it all out verbally. So, what better than to write it down in a letter and let it all out? It contains the most sincere feelings of a person and is one of the greatest ways of showering affection on another person.


Sample :

The following is the sample of a love letter to boyfriend.



Jennifer Hewlett,

91 White River Way,
Layton, UT 84041.


Tom Benson,

2161 Golden Circle,
Washington, DC 20009.

My Darling Tom,

I am missing you already although I just arrived here at my aunt’s home. It will be hard for me to be away from you this weekend. I wish the time will go quickly so that I can come back on Sunday and be with you again.

I shall think of you every hour of the day and dream of you at night, though I will have to spend time with my aunt tonight as we celebrate her 70th birthday. How I wish you are always at my side even at this evening’s function. It will be more fun then. Now, it is mostly old folks or young babies.

It will be at a grand event, so I won’t be able to take your call or be able to call you. I hope that you will wait for me in the driveway as I come home on Sunday. Ever since we have been in this relationship, I can’t think of going anywhere without you by my side. However, I understand that your presence was needed at your work more than here. We shall make a trip to my home sometime soon as my family wants to meet you.

I shall be counting the hours and minutes until we meet again. Think of me every day!

With love & kisses,

Your sweetie, Jennifer

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