Long Distance Love Letters


Love is unconditional and the moment conditions are added to it, it amounts to a transaction. Love is the inner state of a person without any mutual benefit. It is a strong feeling of affection, and it is tough to write it down. It’s difficult to express these feelings in the letter form.

A long distance love letter is written by the couples who live far from each other, either in two different countries or cities. Writing a love letter to long distant lover makes the receiver feel connected with the sender, and it keeps the spark alive in the relationship. It strengthens the relation between the partners and minimizes the gap between them, and the letter also helps to grow the bond of trust and faith between them. Writing a long distance love letter will surely contribute to shortening the distance between the couples.

Sample letter

The following is the sample letter for Long Distance Love Letter.


Samir Braganza,

Pent House Apartment, Flat No-5,

Flat No-5,

MG Road, Road Number-29,




Sara Hudson,

Near TrivePlazalza, Salt Lake,

Salt Lake,

Chandel, Manipur.

Sweetheart Sara,

You very well know neither I am a good writer not writing has ever suited me. But this time I am writing a letter and pouring my heart out and as I do this the Titanic’s track plays to me and enriches my soul:

“Near far wherever you are, I believe that the  heart touch goes on…….”

It’s been three years since I moved to Chandigarh for my job. The day is still fresh in my mind, and I remember how you cried your heart out like a kid when I got the job transfer letter and how could one not cry as this letter was going to separate our eight years of relationship. The word ‘long distance’ has haunted me and choked down to death and has given me gruesome dreams.

Sara, you have always been my strength, and you will always be the reason behind my success, it’s the prayer of yours and blessing of the almighty father which keep me moving up. There is a saying –  ” Distance doesn’t matter when roots of the relationship are strong enough.” The same goes for us too, no matter how far we are, the distance won’t be able to empty our souls and hearts.

I just wanted to tell how I admire and love you and will love you till the moon gets the sun and that you are my savior. Take care of yourself because people like you are found once in millennia, and I don’t want to waste my life finding you again. My eyes are desperately waiting for the sight of you.

I love you.

Unconditionally yours,



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