Loan Request letter

Loan Request letter


A loan request letter is written by an individual or a company that requires some financial assistance; hence, this letter is written to request for a loan from the financial institution. The letter should be formal and contains the necessary personal information for the financial agency to consider approving the loan. The letter also includes all the relevant documents details that are required for applying for the loan with a bank.  Elements of loan request letter may include the name of the person who needs a loan, the reason for getting a loan, the amount of loan, details about repayment schedule and statement of request for a loan, etc. When it comes to getting loan for a business establishment or company, the writer may need to express plan of activities along with the loan request letter.

The Letter must contain the relationship that you are having with the bank e.g. Salary Account. The letter must bring out the need for the loan. It should mention the amount of loan and the tenure that you wish to apply for. Also, you should mention about your good credit standing with the bank, and other financial institutions are. The letter must end with a polite salutation and regard.





Jeffrey K. Williams

High Top Services

2100 Honeysuckle Lane
Maple Falls, WA 98295



Hobart National Lending Agency

2113 Lauren Drive
Mauston, WI 53948

Dear Sirs

Re: Loan Request

I am the Director of High Top Services, a printing company that was established in DD/MM/YYYY. I am writing this letter to request your kind consideration of a loan to my company.

I am requesting a loan of forty thousand dollars ($40,000) to upgrade some printing equipment for a confirmed order which will bring in good profits to the company.

I require the loan as soon as possible to place an order for the said equipment so that I can commence my job. Enclosed is a copy of my confirmed order with the company accounts for your kind perusal.

Please do not hesitate to call me for further clarifications. I look forward to hearing from you favorably on my loan request.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Jeffrey Williams

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