Letters Of Sympathy Illness


A Letter of Sympathy Illness is a letter which expresses feelings of solace and support to someone who is very close to us, such as, friend, neighbor, relative or a family member, who is not in a healthy state. The letter may be written for either formal or informal purpose. The phrases and expressions used in the letter should be selected depending upon the nature of the letter. A letter such as this shall help the receiver to feel secure.

The writer should express his or her warm wishes of recovery for the sick person to whom the letter is being written. Although this is a letter of sympathy, the writer should not only lament over the sickness of the receiver but should also let the reader know that he or she is not alone during this hard time. The reader should feel encouraged and loved on receiving the letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Letter of Sympathy Illness 


Mike Sebastian

23-Massachusetts Rouse 128,

Boston, MA 67756,




Olivia Johnson

200-Milk Street,

Ayer, MA 01432,


Subject: Wishing You a Speedy Recovery

Dear Olivia Johnson,

I got to know from the office authorities that you have been suffering from high fever since the last three days, and have, therefore, not been present at the office.

I was very disheartened to know about your sickness. I had been missing you a lot at the office. Also, your contact number had not been available. I hope that by the time my letter reaches to you, you have started recovering. You must be worried about the pending files which were to be completed on such an urgent basis. However, you should not be taking the stress of any kind at this moment. I will help you to complete the work, but you, please take the right of yourself. And I hope you have consulted with a good doctor, and if not, then please do so quickly. You should not take any risks, as even you would be aware of, your health had been faltering since a month now. You should get yourself checked up.

I hope my letter will help you in recovering yourself more than the medications. I want you to regain your strength as soon as you can and come back to the office. I shall be visiting you this Sunday. And do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help.

Yours truly,

Mike Sebastian

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