Letter Writing


Letters have been used since a long time as a mode of communication between two parties. They carry a sense of personal attachment and are used to deliver any important news or can be used as formal applications for various purposes. There are various kinds of letters depending upon their content and each has a different format to be followed.

In case of informal letters, the rules related to letter writing are not so specific and the letter can be written by the writers as they please. Where as in case of a formal letter, depending on the content, each kind of  letter has specific rules that need to be followed by the writer in order to develop a formal and impacting letter. Some of the most basic guidelines for any formal letter are that the letter should be kept brief and have a formal tone; it should mention the subject for which it is being written; it should address the recipient formally and end with a sincere tone.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter


Angelina Jensen

52, St. Monika Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

16 March 2015


Justin Roosevelt

Head, Human Resource Department

Prescott and Jennings Law Firm

Los Angeles, CA

Respected Sir,

Subject:  Application for the post of Senior Accounts Manager

This letter is response to the advertisement given by your firm in the Los Angeles State Newspaper, dated March 13th, 2015, for the requirement of a Senior Accounts Manager in your organization.

I have completed my graduation in Business Administration from California State University and a post-graduation in the same subject from the Seattle School of Economics, finishing 4th in my class. I have worked with the California State Bank in San Francisco for 2 years after my post-graduation but would now like to move to Los Angeles for personal reasons.

I came across your advertisement and would feel highly obliged to work with your esteemed law firm.  I have attached my resume as well as my educational certificates along with this job application letter. In case you wish to contact my previous employers, I have provided their contact details as well as a reference letter from my Department Head at California State Bank, Mr. Jerome Andrews.

In case of further queries, you can contact me on 555-4659 or email me at angelinajensen@hotmail.com.

I hope you would give a fair consideration to my application. I would be waiting for a positive reply from your side.

Thanking you for your consideration and anticipating your quick reply.

Yours sincerely,

Angelina Jensen

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