Letter To Welcome A New Employee


A Letter to Welcome a New Employee is written by a representative of an organization to welcome a new employee to the organization. A letter such as this may be circulated to not only the new employee, but it may also be sent to the other members of the organization. The tone of the letter should be kept slight cheerful while maintaining the professional boundaries at the same time.

A Letter to Welcome a New Employee should begin by warmly congratulating and welcoming the new employee and mention the designation for which he or she has been appointed. Certain important roles and responsibilities to be taken up by the employee may also be stated. The letter should give a brief introduction about the employee. The writer may also choose to include the immediate reporting seniors of the newly joined employee. Lastly, the letter should be concluded by the employee once again.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Letter to Welcome a New Employee.


Kylie Sebastian,

Human Resource Executive,

Scraper Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

985-Camomile Way,

San Diego, SA 90434,




Ms. Olivia Sebastian

21-Forest Avenue,

San Diego, SA 90434,


Subject: Warm Welcome to the Scarper Family

Dear Ms. Olivia Sebastian,

I would like to welcome you like the new Two D Game Graphics Designer at our reputed organization, Scarper Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We hope that you are as much as excited to be a part of the Creative Department of our organization as we are to have you on board.

The management considers you to be a very fine and talented individual with a qualitative experience in the field of design. Hence, we believe that your skills and experience shall prove to be fruitful for our organization. We expect your presence on DD/MM/YYYY, at the new employee orientation at 10.00 a.m. You shall be introduced to the other working departments of our organization. We shall also be giving you a wider knowledge about your roles and responsibilities here. We shall be introducing you to your work goals and deadlines of the projects which will be assigned to you soon. Your direct reporting managers will be Mr. Richard Scott and Mr. Shanon Philip. You can contact them for any work related queries. Their extension numbers shall be 53635273 and 54522887. In the case of any other issues which you might face while working with us, you can contact me on my extension number 23462623, and you can also write to me at my email ID name@email.com.

We, once again, congratulate you for your selection and welcome you to the Creative Department. We all are happy to have you work with our organization.

Thanking you for your time.

Kylie Sebastian

Human Resource Executive,

Scraper Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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