Letter to The President

Letter to the PresidentIntroduction:

A letter to the president is usually written by a member of the organization who wishes to make a formal request or give an official report to the company president. The president could also refer to the top authority in a business or non-profit organization such as a club or society.

When you are approaching a figure of authority of that stature, you will have to ensure that your letter follows a tone of professionalism and that your letter outlines your agenda. Your agenda is the purpose for which you’re approaching the president, highlighting the details of your agenda. These details could include the aim of your agenda, relevant dates, and timings as well as the target audience. End your letter with what you wish to extract from your agenda that is the benefits of carrying out the task. This letter must be as convincing as possible so that your proposal can get through.

Sample Letter:


David Wiley

Platoon Leader, District A

Red Crescent Society



John Mayhem


Red Crescent Society


Dear President,

RE: Deployment of Personnel

I am writing this letter in the faith of introducing my proposal to you. The aim of my proposal is to ensure the safety of citizens around me ensuring a strong work force with a good number of men. As you are aware, It is the year-end and holiday season is round the corner where a lot of casualties can happen, especially on the roads. The district hospitals have requested the presence of our society’s personnel to be stationed at their premises to assist them in their daily medical routines.

According to state statistics, There have been three requests since DD/MM/YYYY: General Hospital, Fairview Hospital, and Mercy Grace Hospital. However, their request has been pending for quite some time now. Since the safety of our citizens is of top most priority, it is important for us to pay adequate attention to the requests of these hospitals. Your immediate decision on this issue is sought as I have to revert to these requests before the middle of the month.

Another social request has been brought to our notice. There is also an urgent request to set up blood donation campaigns before the holiday season is at its peak. We need to come up with a solid execution plan to carry out the same. However, so far the aim is to conduct the drive from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY, concentrating on popular public spaces such as malls and eating joints as well as condominiums that have a high-density rate.

Once we get your heads up, we would like to further discuss this topic in depth at a time that suits you.

Your quick advice on these issues is appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

David Wiley

Platoon Leader, District A

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