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When working in a content development agency or organization, a lot of writers’ work is to be refined and edited by the superior authority, usually the Editors. The Editors make sure that whatever content is submitted by the writers, it is all grammatically correct and in sync with the content development guidelines that is provided by the senior management. In the case of any problems, the Editors can make the necessary changes or let the writers know the mistakes and ask them to make the changes.

A letter to the Editor is usually sent by a writer to their own Editor about any new article that they might have created and would need their expert advice on. The letter is used to introduce their new and fresh work and request the Editor to take out time from their busy schedule and provide the writer with their expert counseling about their writing.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Letter to the Editor


Deepti Jain

Assistant Content Developer

Starstreak Media Pvt. Ltd.




Asmita Pratap


Starstreak Media Pvt. Ltd.


Respected Ma’am,

I am an assistant content developer for your organization and have been working with your esteemed company for the past six months. I have developed articles under various categories, and under your guidance, I have learned a great deal about material creation.

I would like you to take some time out of your utterly busy schedule and read a new article that I have written about “the rising power of feminism and women empowerment.” The article revolves around the new feminism movement that has been started in the society, making women aware of their strengths and their importance in this male-dominant society. It also touches the subject of the government’s inconsideration towards the equal rights of women in various fields as well as the unawareness of women about their rights.

The article is a 1000 word long piece and has been spell checked and checked for plagiarism multiple times. I would now like you to give me some of your expert advice about how I can make it even better and worth publishing in our company’s monthly magazine. Your comments and criticism would be highly appreciated as they would help me better my work and help me learn.

Kindly let me know your thoughts on the article, I would be waiting for your reply. Contact me on 9386183902 in the case of any queries or comments.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Deepti Jain

Assistant Content Developer

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