Letter to Girlfriend


A letter to a girlfriend is a simple and light-hearted letter between 2 persons who may share a close relationship. Sometimes, it is difficult to express everything verbally. Especially when you want to express something deep from your heart, it becomes difficult to express it face to face. Writing a letter to the other person is a good option at that point of time.

It is an informal type of letter and can be written as the writer’s preference. It may be a letter to keep contact with one another, or it is an expression to feelings for one another between a girl and boy. But it can be a simple friendship letter between 2 girlfriends. It can be used to express a lot of things, depends on the type of relationship you have with the receiver of the letter. Try to keep it sweet and simple so that the receiver enjoys it.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of Letter to Girlfriend.


Wanda Gross,

3346 Washburn Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802.


14 January 2017


Edna Escalante,

2085 Stuart Street,
Gibsonia, PA 15044.

Hi Edna,

I am just dropping you a note to check on you. You have been away from school for a whole week. No one seems to know the reason. Are you alright? You did not say much over the telephone; so I thought I would give you a letter to let you know how much I miss you, especially the lunches we have after school. I don’t enjoy anyone’s company as much as I enjoy yours. I miss you in the boring lectures, how much fun we had while chatting by writing.

We used to talk a lot during our school hours. So much, that even teachers made us sit separate many times. We share just about everything. Then last week, you just disappeared from school. What happened? You are my best girlfriend. I care about you. Please let me know if you are in trouble. Perhaps I can help. Girlfriends are supposed to talk to each other. We have always told each other everything in life, so it is worrying me as to why you didn’t tell me regarding your absence. You know you can tell me everything and trust it to be kept with me only.

Please think about what I wrote. Call me for a chat or let us meet outside at your favorite burger joint since you love eating there so much. But if you are unwell, simply message me and I will be here. You can trust me.

Your girlfriend,


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