Letter to Confirm The Travel Arrangement

Introduction :

Travelling around is an enjoyable experience. It always freshens our mind and helps us to see the world through a new perspective. Not only that, taking leaves for a vacation helps one calm down their mind until they are ready to handle more stress. To plan a holiday, one has to first take care of the travel arrangements that include the flight/train tickets, the hotel and other expenses that one might incur.

A letter to confirm the travel arrangement to the agency is a formal letter written by an individual to another person or organization that is taking care of the travel arrangements of that individual, to confirm regarding the arrangements. It mentions the hotel suite, cost of travel and other sight seeing expenses that need to be discussed before going ahead with the travel plan. One must be wise to choose in their travel arrangements and try to pick the one that costs them less.


Sample :

The following is the sample of a letter to confirm the travel arrangement.



Shivank Mehar,

Senior manager,

PRT Pvt. ltd.

Date –¬†DD/MM/YYYY


Shubhashish Banerjee,


Travel India Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Confirming travel arrangements.

Dear Mr. Banerjee,

This is Shivank Mehar from PRT Pvt. Ltd. I believe that we made some travel arrangements with your agency a week ago for four days of time, i.e., from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. I am writing you this letter to confirm regarding the same.

We have ten team members and five rooms for the same were asked to be booked accordingly. Our professional trip is two days and the rest two days shall be spent in sightseeing as the discussion for the project is in Goa, which is the perfect vacation spot for everyone. We would also be requiring a tour guide for those two days. The resort’s restaurant needs to be booked for 4 hours on 30th & 31st January so that our meeting can take place peacefully and people can enjoy the good food too.

We had discussed all the cost that shall be incurred during this trip a week ago. I do hope that you have made all the arrangements as mentioned above. We shall be arriving on 30th January morning and will be leaving by 2nd February night time. Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me if you have any confusion.

Yours Sincerely,

Shivank Mehar,

Senior manager,

PRT Pvt. ltd.

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