Letter to Cancel an Appointment


Time is money. Time is precious. The time of every person is necessary. The time of a professional is significant. That is why in today’s world it is important to take an appointment of everybody for almost everything. Naturally, when it comes to taking an appointment, it always comes with saying, cancellation of the appointment. It is necessary because in life everything cannot go as per our schedule, but some times the conditions which come before a person that he has to make changes in his schedule and naturally cancel or reschedule the appointment.

Many times, the appointments are taken by people staying far from the city of the professionals at cities. In such cases, they have to write a letter of cancellation of appointment to the person whose appointment was taken. The letter to cancel an appointment is written to inform about the cancellation of any prior appointment taken. In this letter, all details are written such as the reason for cancellation, etc. no matter to whom the appointment cancellation letter is written; it needs to be clear and concise.




The following is a sample letter to cancel an appointment.


Johnson Gloria.

6, Cross Roads,

Pune 410002



AJ John

John Solicitors firm,

near Museum cross road,

Mumbai 400001

Subject – To cancel a scheduled appointment.

Respected John

I, Jonson Gloria, am writing this letter to you about an appointment I had scheduled with you for the DD/MM/YYYY for 2 pm. It is with regret I inform you that unfortunately, I will not be able to make it for our scheduled appointment. The cancellation of my scheduled appointment for the discussion of our court case number 08989 was expected to take place in Esplanade court room no 8.

The reason for my inability to make it to our appointment is due to an unforeseen event. I am diagnosed with typhoid, and I have taken an urgent appointment with our family doctor immediately, and we are going to the doctor now, and this is the personal reason that I had mentioned to you over the phone for the cancellation of this appointment.

Given this, you are requested to reschedule our appointment in the next week at any convenient time and inform me accordingly. I request you to let me know the date of this appointment in advance so that I can clear my schedule accordingly.

I thank you for being so understanding about my situation and look forward to hearing back from you at the earliest.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonson Gloria



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