Letter to Ask For an Investment

Introduction :

Capital is always needed to start any business. However, it isn’t easy to obtain the same. Many people don’t wish to trust the new comers who usually need the capital backup to start their business. That is why one needs to be¬†convincing while writing a letter to ask for investment in their business. It requires determination and leadership skills together, to convince someone to invest in one’s business.

A letter to ask for investment is a formal letter that is written by an individual to a financial organization or any other person, from whom he has the hope of getting investment for his business. The letter should contain concrete facts regarding your business and your plans for how you will make it a success. Convince them of their benefit too as everyone wants to benefit from their investment. The investment can also be for the expansion of the business.


Sample :

The following is the sample of a letter asking for investment.



Shashank Garg,


Dorry Bakery & confectionery.



Shivank Mishra,

Branch Manager,

Ruke Bank.

Subject – Investment Letter.

Dear Mr. Mishra,

Warm greetings to you from Dorry Bakery & Confectionery. We started our bakery business one year ago with the aim of providing best quality cookies, cakes and pastries to the people. Though the start was on a small scale, we have flourished enough to be counted as one of the best bakeries in the neighborhood. Not only that, we have even started getting orders from outside the city for our home made cookies. We are slowly trying to increase our customer outreach.

However, to increase the client outreach, we need to set up more branches in other areas of the city too. For that, we require capital investment to help us acquire a proper place and other necessary things for expansion of the business. Your bank has always provided finance to small entrepreneurs who wish to start or expand their own business. We would like you to provide us capital for the same.

We had a market research done on which bakery the people in the city prefer the most and the results were in our favor. Not only that, our bakery was even awarded as the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth last month. I hope that you realize our potential and provide us with the finance we need to expand our business. I assure you won’t be disappointed with this investment. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Shashank Garg,


Dorry Bakery & confectionery.

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