Letter To Announce A New Business


A Letter to Announce a New Business is written by a founder of a startup to other business organizations to announce them of his or her new business venture. The letter is usually written to influential business organizations to build up professional contacts which shall be beneficial to both the organizations. This letter of introduction should be very informative so as to encourage the reader to consider business dealings with the sender.

The letter should be segmented into three sections. The letter should begin with a brief introduction about the new startup. The writer should convince the reader how his or her new venture shall be benefiting the receiver. The letter should contain the essential details of the sender and his or her venture, such as the location and the contact number. Any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors should be avoided in the letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Letter to Announce a New Business.


Angelina Smith


Greater Heights Education Private Ltd,

21-Camomile Way,

San Diego, SA 22434,




Robert Menzies

Vice President,

Aim High International School,

87-Imperial Ave,

San Diego, SA 30114,


Subject: Introduction to My New Business Venture

Dear Mrs. Robert Menzies,

It gives me immense pleasure to write to you to introduce my new business venture, Greater Heights Education Pvt. Ltd., that has been set up in San Diego, on DD/MM/YYYY. This venture is the result of encouragement and support of my good-wishers like you. You shall be more happy to know that I have affiliated with Aim High Foundation, which has been excelling in the education sector since 33 years.

The services of Greater Heights Education Pvt. Ltd. shall be dedicated to enhancing the education system by evolving interactive study material for the students ranging from grade one to grade five. We shall also be arranging Olympiads with exciting prizes to acknowledge the excellence of the students. We have recruited a very dedicated and hardworking staff with proficient degrees as well as qualitative and fine experience. We hope that by joining hands with you, we can promote competitive awareness about the academics among the school children and, thus, develop the nation finely.

If you feel that we can benefit you with our services, then you can contact us on our contact number, 64357543. You can also reach us on our email  ID, name@email.com.

Thanking you for your time.

Yours Sincerely

Angelina Smith


Greater Heights Education Private Limited

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