Letter To A Friend


A Letter to a Friend is written to improve one’s relationship with one’s friend. The letter may be written to enquire about the health of the friend, to share some information with him or her, to invite him or her to an occasion or even to share a sad or happy news. Since this is a personal letter, it can be packed with emotions, whether happy or sad.

The letter should begin with warm greetings for the receiver as well as his or her family. The writer should mention in the central paragraph the details of the reason because of which he or she is writing. If the writer is inviting the friend to some event, then all the correct essentials of the event should be given. The letter should be concluded by wishing the receiver happiness or peace of mind, depending upon the nature of the reason for writing.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Letter to a Friend.


Sarita Kumar,

B-256, Gulmohar Park Enclave,




Jayamary Andrews,

C-58, Green Park,


Subject: Wishing You Success for Your Future

Dear Jayamary,

I hope Uncle John and Aunt Diamond are in good health. I was very surprised as well as happy to know the decision that you have taken for your future, and I am very proud of you.

I always knew that you should turn out to be a proficient journalist. You always possessed excellent analytical skills and a passion for writing enthusiastically. Your passion has to lead you to work with an international newspaper, and I am very happy about your achievement. But now that you will be living so far, I would hate to miss you here. I shall be with you in all your times to come. I am sure that like I am feeling so proud of you, your parents would be more proud of their daughter. You may find your work very challenging at first, but you must maintain your cool and attempt every task that you are given. Do not worry if ever you fail, you will only learn more.

Once again, I wish you great luck and success for your future. You have a very bright career ahead. You can contact me anytime for any problem.

Yours lovingly



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