Letter To A Best Friend


A best friend is a very closed friend to one. A Letter to a Best Friend is written by an individual to ask about his or her state of being, to share an interesting series of talks with him or her or to narrate an exciting event or news. Writing a letter to one’s best friend helps in reviving the bonding and also deepens it. Though the letter is a personal one, any grammatical or spelling mistakes should be avoided.

The writer should begin by asking his or her best friend how he or she is doing and may also tell about the author’s state of health. The letter may incorporate any news or talk, not only happy but even a sad one. The letter should be concluded by telling the best friend that he or she is being missed by the writer. The writer can also conclude the letter by telling the reader to write back.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of a Letter to a Best Friend.


Eliot Smith,

345-Hedges Avenue,

Melbourne, ME 3003,




Rachael Kennedy,

986-La Trobe Street,

Melbourne, ME 3000,


Subject: Wishing You a Prosperous Health

Dear Rachael,

I hope that by now you must have recovered your health from the fever and that you are in the best of spirits now. Even though I wanted to come and take care of you, I had certain responsibilities towards work which I could not avoid or transfer to anybody else.

However, you shall be happy to know that I shall be availing certain leaves from work to come home and meet my dear family members and friends. I am excited to meet you the most. Working long hours at the office have been very tiring, and now I want to revive my strength with you all. I even remember how upset you were when I could not attend your promotion party, again due to work! I remember the birthday present that you wanted from me, my special home cooked banana pudding. I am all set to come home soon at the end of this month and make the delicious pudding for you. I miss talking to you a lot. We shall spend the entire day doing fun things and talking to each other.

I hope even you will be excited to meet me but till then keep writing to me.

Yours lovingly,



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