Letter Requesting Information of a Candidate

Introduction :

Whenever a job applicant is being interviewed for an organization, the authority runs a background check on them. This is done to ensure that the details provided by the candidate are true to their nature. Many people in the past have committed frauds on the basis of false information that is why it is deemed important to run a background check on the prospective candidate before selecting him for any position.

A letter requesting information of a candidate is a formal letter written by an organization to another requesting information of a prospective candidate for a suitable position in their organization. It must mention the name and all other necessary details regarding the candidate so that truthful information can be given regarding the same. One must be very careful while getting information as it shall affect the future of the candidate who has been interviewed.


Sample :

The following is the sample of letter requesting information of a candidate.



Shikha Mittal,

HR Head,

M&M Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.



Shubhangi Gupta,

HR Head,

G&G Enterprises Pvt. ltd.

Subject – Background Verification of candidate.

Dear Ms. Gupta,

Warm greetings on behalf of our enterprise. We recently conducted an interview for a variety of positions, and lots of prospective candidates have been shortlisted from the list of interviewers. This letter is in regards with that.

One of the employees from your organization, Mr. Shashwat Singh, has applied for the post of operations manager in our enterprise. His CV stated that he has worked for past five years in your organization in the past and now wishes to work with us as he sees more opportunities of his interest over here. He has done his B.tech from IIT Delhi. Though he has provided with enough documents to relay his truth, we would still like to confirm the same from you.

We expect full co-operation from you on this. We hope that you understand how important it is for us to verify from the old employers before selecting the candidate. All other required documents have been attached along with this letter which will help you in verifying better. I hope that you reply to me on this as soon as possible as we need to relay the results of the interview to the candidates soon.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

Shikha Mittal,

HR Head,

M&M Enterprises Pvt. ltd.

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