Letter Requesting Credit Limit Increase


A Request Letter is written to ask someone to help you in some context. The recipient of the letter can be your friend, colleague, business person or someone whom you think he or she will help you when needed. As it is written to anyone, it can be either an informal or a formal one. When it is written to your closed ones, it will be an informal letter. When you are writing this letter to higher officials for help, it should be a formal one.

Letter Requesting to increase credit limit is written to the manager of the bank where you have an account. You should mention why you need an increase in the credit limit if necessary show some documents as proof. In the end, mention you are expecting that your plea would be accepted and will be approved as well as thank the recipient in advance.

Sample Request Letter for credit limit increase:



2-e, Southern Street,






The Manager,

The UCO Bank,

Moosapet Branch,


Dear Mahesh,

I am Nikhil Venkat, a customer of your bank from five years. I have both savings and current accounts in your bank. I am writing this letter to request you to increase my credit card limit. I am facing a problem to shop for the necessary food items for home with the credit card because the limit is too less. As the rates are increased for almost all the products, and as of now the GST also came into existence, it has become impossible for me to buy essential goods for home. So I am writing this letter to request you to increase my credit card limit.

I believe the bank is customer-friendly and will do all the activities that are needed to keep the client happy. I hope my request will be processed. And as I use your bank accounts for many other purposes I hope you would consider my plea. If you are having any doubts regarding this issue, please feel to call me, my contact number is  9658741236, or you can reach me at the above address so that I can help you if you need anything. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope you will process my request as soon as possible.

With Regards,


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