Letter of Thanks For Support

Letter of thanks for support


Expressing your gratitude and thanks to others is a good way to endear yourself to others and change their opinion on you for the better. Regardless of whether it is a small, personal favor or something major, one should express their thanks at the very least as a formality. An individual writes a letter of thanks for support to another, or a company in response to the support received. It is a thankful letter expressing appreciation and gratefulness for the support rendered to the sender in the past that has helped the sender through some difficult situation.

It is a polite response to the recipient for the support shown earlier, and hence the letter itself must radiate this courtesy and gratitude. It must be brief and concise in its subject matter and must make the reader aware of how much their support and help means to you and that you are truly grateful for their aid.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Letter of Thanks for Support.



Tracy J. Stewart

3344 Columbia Mine Road

Charleston, WV 25301





Annie C. Ned

1352 Worthington Drive

Irving, TX 75038


Subject: Thanks for your support


Dear Tracy,

Allow me to thank you for your kind support to me in the recent demise of my husband.

It has indeed been a difficult time of grief for me as Robert and I had been very close. Your presence was truly appreciated as it would have been very difficult for me to get through the days alone, having no children and not many close family members. I couldn’t have done all the funeral arrangements on my own. I am much better now, after three months.

I still miss Robert dearly and his untimely death has left a deep mark on me. Thank you for your kind offer of staying with me for a month after my recent bereavement. I truly appreciated your company and your listening ears. You have been so patient with me. I know that it must not have been easy dealing with my issues during that time of bereavement. Thank you for your kind understanding on my situation.

I hope that I can move on with my life now and I am trying to get involved with the Community Centre. That keeps me occupied for the day and keeps me going, being appreciative of what I still have.

Thanks again for your great support during my time of bereavement.

With my love,


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