Letter of Resignation

Letter of Resignation


A resignation letter is a letter written by an employee of the firm to the human resources department of the firm or the senior management with regards to his/her termination of employment. The letter must include details about the reasons for resignation and other information that would be relevant in assessing the candidate who is leaving employment. The letter may include details about the assignments of the employee and their status, whether completed or not. A resignation letter is maintained in the records of the firm, therefore, care has to be taken that the information in the letter is relevant and accurate.

The letter may also include information from the human resources department and its head regarding severance emoluments that an employee is entitled at the time of employment termination. Many firms also request the resigning employee to attend an exit interview. This interview helps the organization and the employee in elucidating the problems or suggestion that they may have. The interview also acts as a formal severance measure. The letter should be formal and concise.



Sample Resignation Letter

The following is a Sample of a Letter of Resignation.


Brooke Martin,

West View,


Date: 22 July 1776.


Raj Ashwani,

Human Resources Manager,

East West Firm,


Subject: Resignation

Respected Sir,

Thank you for the opportunity to work alongside you for the last six months in this esteemed organization. However, these six months have made me realized that this is not the direction for my career. Hence, I am tendering in this letter as my resignation letter from my post of Assistant Copywriter. Please enforce my resignation effective from 24 July 1776.

Since I am not a confirmed staff at this point, the employment agreement does not require me to give any notice period. However, I can continue until the end of this week if the firm requires my assistance in completing any assignments that may be pending. I shall be most willing to assist, as I have not decided on the exact path to take from here. I request a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer and an exit interview so that I am able to further evaluate my experience working at your firm. I request a notice from the Human Resources Department regarding severance pay and other emoluments that I am entitled to receive.

Thank you for your advice and mentoring during my short stint here. I have learned a lot and appreciate the experience.

I wish you and International Newsroom the best in your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Brooke Martin

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