Letter Of Reminder Of Pending Payment


A Letter of Reminder of payment is a letter which is written to someone who has to pay back the sender a certain amount that he had borrowed or is due. This letter works as a reminder to the receiver the amount he has to pay to the sender. A reminder of pending payment letter is sent by a company which has helped some other company with some financial issues in the past, or it can be sent to a client to remind him of his due payment. No matter what the case is, it is mandatory for the lender to remind the person he lent the money to and to repay him.

This letter should be written in a polite tone, but it should also be firm enough for the receiver to take it as a warning for the actions that will be taken against him if he does not credit the outstanding amount in time. This is an official letter and so format should be correct.

Sample Letter:

The sample for reminding of payment letter is given below:


Patrick J. Davidson

Harvey davidson pvt. lmt.

292 McVaney Road
Asheville, NC 28801



Ryan & Mandy Mulligan

1086 Hedge Street
Millington, NJ 07946

Dear Ryan & Mandy,

Sub: Payment letter

This letter is written to remind you that your firm had promised to pay by the end of last month the $500000 it owes us against bill no. XXXX XXXX. I assume something serious might have stopped you from paying the due amount the last month. And so I am going to grant you another week’s time to make arrangements to clear your dues with our company and pay us the amount by the end of the coming week. If you still fail to do so I will have to resort to filing a law suit against you. I would not want to take this matter further to the court but if the payment is not done, I will have to take this step as per the company policies.

I hope you will consider the request and take action on this as soon as possible for your good. I do not wish for matters of money to spoil the relationship we have built through so many years.

Thanking you,

Patrick James Davidson.

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