Letter of Recommendation for Award

Letter of Recommendation for award


A letter of recommendation for an award is a recommendation letter written by an individual to recommend another individual or company who they think to deserve an award for their business related or on a humanitarian contribution to the society. The letter should reflect the views of the sender so as to why the person or company deserves an award. It is a formal letter. It is be written by a respected and authoritative figure in that particular field. So one should be polite and humble.

Briefly, introduce the person who you are recommending for the award. Enumerate his/ her achievements in the field in which he/ she should be receiving the award. Have a good enough reason so as to why the person should receive the award. If you cannot convince yourself you will never be able to convince others. Make sure you check your letter for any type of grammatical mistakes or factual errors about the person you are recommending. Keep the letter to the point and make sure you don’t sound biased.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Letter of Recommendation for Award.


Kyle Olden,


Pittsburg Financial Consulting,

1113 Jonas Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 82902

February 5, 2011


Pittsburg Awards Committee,

98302 Eastern Lane,

Pittsburgh, PA 90293

Subject: Recommendation for Businessman of the Year Award

Dear Sir,

It would be my pleasure to recommend Mr. Graham Myers, CEO and Group Director of Astound Value Corporation, for the 2010 Pittsburg Businessman of the Year Award.

Mr. Graham Myers’ outstanding performance in the business sector needs no introduction as his successful business profile is in the news every week. He has been interviewed by the New York Economic Times last month for his personal involvement in closing a $50 million deal in an overseas financial transaction and making it in their annual list of Top 100 CEO Under 40. That alone has moved Astound Value Corporation up the stock market a few notches.

Not only business, Mr. Meyers has been involved in many philanthropic projects and charity. The fact that he came from such a humble background without a mentor and has achieved so much speaks volume about his determination and hard work.

It would be fitting to honor such a capable businessman who has actively contributed to the community with his philanthropic donations besides the business environment. Mr. Graham Myers would make an excellent example to all in the business world.

Thank you for giving me the honor of giving my recommendation. I am sure there are a dozen other people fitting to receive this award but personally, I recommend Mr. Graham Myers for it.

Yours sincerely

Kyle Olden,


Pittsburg Financial Consulting.


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