Letter of Intent

Letter of intent


A letter of intent is a simple letter stating the intentions of the sender on a particular issue; it could be about a job or method that consideration is requested. A letter of intent is usually sent to kick start the process for a particular situation. It is a good way to create a good impression on the recipient. The primary intention here is to show why you are interested in this cause. It could be why you have applied for a particular job or applied to a college etc. The letter of intent is severely checked by the authorities as it shows the candidates interests and aptness in the cause.

The letter should be expressive of yourself and your plans, ideologies, etc. yet it should be simple enough to be understood clearly. Use a clear and straightforward language while writing this letter. Mention briefly about yourself and suppose if it’s for a job, do mention your educational background, work experience, skills and the aptness for this particular job. As the letter of intent will be the first impression that you will make, you should be careful in making the message.

Sample Letter


Hannah Miles,

28 Traders Avenue,
Kansas City, MO 64106



Recruiting Manager,

First World Enterprise,

Kansas City, MO 93821.

Subject: Letter of Intent

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to request your kind consideration on my application for a part-time summer position at your esteemed organization. I am currently a senior high school student who would be graduating next fall and would like to gain some work experience before graduation. I’m skilled in marketing and retail management, and I believe an internship at your company will blossom the skills within me. Your business has the wonderful tradition of providing quality courses helpful for students, and I’m looking forward to doing an internship with your firm.

Having been impressed with your company by your many top quality products on the market, and with an intention to major in a similar field in my future, I have chosen your esteemed organization to consider a summer internship.

My contact details and resume are attached for your kind consideration. I am flexible to take on whatever openings you may have, and I am a quick learner. You may refer to my high school teachers for references if required.

I look forward to hearing favorably from you soon.

Yours truly,

Hannah Miles


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