Letter of intent to purchase business

Letter of intent to purchase business


Purchasing or selling a business can be a lengthy process of negotiations between parties. Writing letters to make the verbal agreements binding while waiting on formal agreements to be drawn up is a nice way to go about in such situations.

A letter of intent to purchase business is a formal letter that the sender writes to express his interest in buying the business that is up for offer. He writes to the recipient of his intention to purchase the business with favorable conditions such as the price for the business. Other terms and conditions can also be included to make it more appealing to the recipient to consider his intent.

These are formal letters and must be precise, while mentioning your desire to buy the business. You must sound very optimistic and keen while writing such letters and may give a reason for your interest in purchasing the said business. Given below is a sample letter to help you through the process of writing one! Below mentioned is a sample of the letter that will help you draft the right letter.

Sample Letter:


Tyler A. Lewis

2250 Hall Place
Longview, TX 75604



McMillan Foods & Catering

3752 Coal Road
Log Tavern, PA 18337

Re: Letter of Intent to purchase business

Dear Sir / Madam,

It is my pleasure to express my intent to purchase your business, as soon as I received news of its availability. I have been a loyal patron of McMillan Foods & Catering, having patronized at your outlets all over Texas whenever I am near one.

Although I do not know the reason for your selling out, I would be glad to buy your business for a reasonable sum. Please reply me as soon as you can with a ballpark quotation for your business. I can pay cash as I am currently running a couple of successful businesses.

I can offer you my credentials and bank statements to prove my financial viability as well as customer and supplier references if you so wish to view these.

I look forward to your positive reply on my purchase intent.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours truly,

Tyler Lewis

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