Letter of Intent Graduate school

Letter of intent Graduate school


A letter of intent for Graduate school is written by an individual who wishes to continue his study at the Graduate level. Graduation can be done only after a student completes his or her education up to 12th standard or he is done with his high school. A lot of people apply for graduation for a lot of colleges every year based on the kind of college they want to go to, the kind of subjects they are interested in and according to the accessibility of the college. The letter should include the academic qualifications, internship experiences if any and marks obtained in the last examination.  He writes into the preferred higher institute of learning to present his intention to pursue a higher qualification, stating his previous academic achievements and work experience which might be supportive of his letter of intent.

This is an official letter and so it must be error-free and should be in a formal as well as polite tone. Write the letter in such a manner that the reader gets impressed with you and would want to take you into his college.

Sample Letter


Rodney I. Middleton


Copperfield Business Solutions

3357 Brannon Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32202



Graduate School Admissions Office

Indianapolis University

4665 Stewart Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject:  Letter of Intent

Herewith this letter expresses my intent to pursue Graduate studies at your esteemed University for the prestigious Business Computing Graduate program.

Having been in the workforce for ten years, of which five years were concentrated on IT and Business, I feel that I can further enhance my knowledge and enrich my work experience with a graduate study in these areas.

I would welcome a consultation with your highly respected course counselors to assist me in the evaluation of the most suitable graduate program at your university. I do not mind considering either a full-time or part-time graduate program. I have attached with this letter the copies of my last 2 years academic records, my certificates in high school and my internship program certificate.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Rodney I. Middleton


Copperfield Business Solutions

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