Letter of Intent Graduate School, Sample & Format

Letter of Intent Graduate SchoolA student submits a letter of intent Graduate school or working personality who wishes to further his studies. The individual writes into his preferred place of learning to request a favorable consideration of his intention to further his studies in graduate school at the preferred place of study.


Kent Stiller

42 Dove Drive
Wood Dale, IL 69931

August 10, 2010


Graduate School Office

Detroit Graduate Law School

1123 Tully Street
Detroit, MI 48219

Dear Sirs

RE: Letter of Intent for Graduate School

I am currently working as a legal assistant in an established law firm in Detroit.

Having been exposed to the many intriguing legal cases at work, I am highly intrigued to be more involved in this field. Hence, I am writing to state my intention to further my studies at your prestigious law school in Detroit. Many of my esteemed seniors at work highly recommend your graduate law school.

I was a business degree graduate from New York University with four years of legal experience after two years of small business exposure in the retail industry.

I would be delighted if you can offer me a placement in your law program at the next intake.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Kent Stiller

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