Letter of intent for promotion, Sample & Format

Letter of intent for promotionA letter of intent for promotion is written by an employee who wants to be considered for promotion. He writes into the management or his superior making his intentions to be promoted known so that the relevant authority will consider him for the higher position. The letter should state his reasons clearly such as his suitability and skills for the higher position.


Larry Roberts

Assistant Accountant

Decker & Associates

January 29, 2011


Company Director

Decker & Associates

Dear Sir,

RE: Letter of Intent for Promotion

It has come to my knowledge that Mr. Billy Jones, the Company Accountant, is leaving the company end of the month. Hence, his position would be vacant.

I am putting forth this letter of intent for a promotion to the vacant Company Accountant position at this reputable company, of which I have been serving for five years. I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Jones for the last year as his assistant and I am well versed with the responsibilities about the Company Accountant post.

I do hope that the Management will consider my intention mentioned. Perhaps Mr. Jones can give a kind reference on my behalf.

I hope to hear favorably from you on this matter.

Yours truly,

Larry Roberts

Assistant Accountant

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