Letter of Intent for Job

Letter of intent for job


A letter of intent for the job is written by a job seeker to enquire for any job vacancies in a company. The letter states the sender’s intention of seeking employment with a resume of personal details such as qualifications, skills, and experience. In addition to the resume, the sender must mention any other skills that are worth mentioning. These may make a good impression on the hiring committee. It is always a good idea to research about the company before applying for a job.

The letter should be formal and professionally worded to give a good impression to the recipient for a favorable response. The letter should have a positive undertone to it and must assert reasons as to why the sender must be hired for the job. The sender must also provide their contact details along with the letter so that it is easier for the company to reach them in the case of any emergencies.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Letter of Intent for job


Robert L. Weeks

3762 Bungalow Road
Omaha, NE 68114



Human Resource Manager

Double Take Enterprise

Kansas City, MO 93992

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Letter of Intent for Job

This is my letter of intent for any suitable vacancy at your esteemed company for a Social Science graduate. Your business has been dealing with social issues since a very long time and are extremely good at what you do. It will indeed be an honor if I am given the opportunity to work with your company.

I am a 21-year old graduate of Ohio University with a Social Science degree. I have good communication skills and interact well with people of all levels and ages. The position that I have applied for requires good interpersonal and negotiation skills. These are skills that were an essential part of our curriculum, and I assure you that I am good at them. I also have excellent writing skills which have won me a few essay competitions while at school.

I am hardworking and responsible as well as a fast learner. I enjoy servicing people in any way to make them feel comfortable. Moreover, I am a good team player and gel well with everybody, so ego issues would never arise. Working for your company has always been a dream of mine, and I would be on cloud nine if it happened.

Enclosed is a copy of my resume and qualifications for your kind perusal. I hope you consider my application and look into my resume carefully. Along with the resume, I have also attached my personal phone number and my email address. Please feel free to contact me for an interview at your convenience. Awaiting a positive reply.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Weeks

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