Letter of Intent for Graduate School

Letter of Intent for Graduate School


A letter of intent for Graduate school is usually written by a student who is considering higher studies. The student needs to write into the preferred school to inform the relevant authority of his/her intention to continue with his/her studies after the first program. It may be the same school where the first program was undertaken, or it could be another school. Since it is strictly a formal letter, basic mannerisms have to be kept in mind while writing such letter.

A letter of intent to a graduate letter is primarily written for asking someone else to consider that you want to be one of the people to get a seat and that you are immensely eligible for any vacancy if at all there. It’s good to mention your accomplishments and what you are willing to both give and take from and to your graduate school. Places like a graduate school function on a give and take the way of relation. Also, it would be useful if one sticks to the real qualities of oneself and not concoct a story of someone who he is not because then that could lead to problems in the future for everyone.

Sample letter:

The following is a sample of Letter of Intent for Graduate School


Gary Sheldon,

2542 Dovetail Drive,
Wood Dale, IL 60191

March 20, 2010


Graduate School Admissions,

The university of Toronto,

2676 Princess Street,
Toronto, ON M1L 3K7

Subject: Intention for Graduate School

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to state my intention to continue with my studies at the graduate level after completing my first program here at the prestigious University of Toronto. I shall be graduating this June 2010. I currently have a CGPA of 3.95 with excellent recommendations from several of my professors. I am accomplished in not only making my surroundings very active but also maintain a strict decorum that I think is critical for all sorts of places. It is vital to conduct oneself with all basic manners and etiquettes, and I am very well capable of that.

It is my intention to pursue your prestigious Masters of Business Administration this fall after completing my Bachelor of Business Studies. Having worked during the previous summers in various organizations as an intern, I am very much drawn to the role of an administrator in a business environment.

I hope that you will consider my intention favorably and call me for an interview for Graduate school.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Gary Sheldon


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