Letter of intent business

Letter of intent business


A letter of intent business is a formal letter that indicates the desire of the sender to strike some business collaboration with the recipient. The letter should politely state the intentions of the sender which is to propose some business dealings with the recipient. The business proposal should be beneficial to the recipient for his favorable response. The letter should include all the details that you wish to put forward so that it is not tough for the business to take a decision when the information is given to them.

The terms of the business must be stated in a very easy to understand language. You may as well attach documents along with the letter to supplement your letter and make things clearer.

The letter is a formal business letter, and therefore, must be very precise and clear, written in a formal language. It must sound very polite as well. Given below is a sample letter to help you through the process of writing one.

Sample Letter:


Brian A. Habib,

Managing Director,

Fullers Sports Equipment,

4250 Elk Creek Road,
Jonesboro, GA 30236



Panini Clothing & Trends,

4780 Davisson Street,
Centerville, IN 47330.

Subject: Letter of Intent

Dear Sir/ Madam,


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Managing Director of the newly established Fullers Sports Equipment on Elk Creek Road, at the corner of Elk Creek and Riley Road.

Although this is a new establishment, I am proud to introduce Fuller’s quality sportswear for your esteemed company’s consideration. All of Fullers’ sportswear are of the high-quality material that is comfortable and lasting. Wearers will not be hindered in their movements in any sports.

I believe that your esteemed company would like to carry some Fullers’ sportswear for your customers’ consideration. Fullers Sports Equipment is ready to discuss the business collaboration terms and conditions with Panini Clothing & Trends at your convenience. You will find our terms of collaboration very attractive.

I look forward to your call for an amiable discussion to pursue our business collaboration, which will benefit both parties. If you have any questions that you need me to answer before the meeting, you can call me at ********** or email on nobody@gmail.com.

Yours truly,

Brian A. Habib

Managing Director

Fullers Sports Equipment

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