Letter Of Intent Agreement


A letter of intent is a very serious document and can be used as a legal letter or an affidavit as well. This letter should not be taken lightly as the whole purpose of this letter is to state your intentions, wishes or desires in writing. The words should be stated, and as an individual, you must abide by every single word of the letter before signing it.

A letter of intent is asked for by some companies or organizations. This could be provided by a corporation as well, and all the individual has to do is sign it. This also gives an insight into the working of the company or institutions, and every clause states the demands the organizations will be making from you. Refer to the letter of intent given below to write your very own customized version of the same.



Aish Kumar

Kamala Nehru College




The Principal

Aish Kumar

Kamala Nehru College


Subject: Letter of Intent Letter

Respected Ma’am,

I am a first-year student studying Eco honors at the prestigious Kamala Nehru College. As it is my first-year ma’am, I would like to explore all the opportunitiesĀ the college has to offer. This does not only limit to college societies, but it’s festivals, competitions, and internships as well.

According to the college guidelines, If I wish to pursue any of these activities, I am required to produce a letter of intent for the same. Therefore-

I, Aishwarya Kakkar a first-year student of Eco hons at Kamala Nehru College would like your permission to be a part of the debating society of the college. Alongside this, I would also like to participate in my department fest organized in February. I promise not to miss any of my classes unnecessarily and maintain the minimum required attendance percentage of 65%. I will always prioritize my academics over my extra curricular. I will represent the college in external activities with decorum and utmost pride to honor the college in whichever way I can. In case I am to miss a test due to an activity, I will inform my teacher in advance and re schedule my test according to the teacher’s convenience.

Given my academic record, I kindly request you to consider my application. I promise to uphold to my intentions and make my college proud in whatever activity I choose to undertake.

Thank you

Aish Kumar


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