Letter Of Donation


A letter of donation is usually written by a party requesting for a donation from a donor. This party can be a person or a non-governmental/non-profit organization. These organizations often require donations for the various projects that they undertake or for charity fundraising events. These letters of donation are written mentioning all the details one can provide about the event or the reason why the donation is required.

These letters are also written in an attractive manner so that the donor is compelled to provide the party with the amount of donation requested. This letter of donation can be formal or informal based on the donor, although in most cases it is written in a more formal manner. It must be ensured that the tone of the letter is kept polite and not become a demand of any sort. One must make sure that they provide their contact details so that it is easier for the donor to communicate with them.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of donation


Prattyak Chandy

Managing Director,

Roots and Shoots Foundation,

Mumbai – 400033

11 March  2017


Saket Kapur,

Managing Director,

Precision Technologies,

Mumbai – 400078

Respected Sir,

RE: Appeal for donation

We at the Roots and Shoots Foundation situated in Mumbai would like to invite you to our annual Charity Fundraising Event. Roots and Shoots Foundation, as the name suggests is an environment based Non-Governmental organization striving to help improve the condition of our planet. Every year, we conduct a fundraising event to attract potential donors who could provide us with whatever they can, whether it is a financial help or whether it is by providing us volunteers for our projects.

As you may know, the condition of our planet has been deteriorating due to various reasons like that of pollution and the excessive release of greenhouse gases which has to lead to the depletion of the ozone layer. We are writing this letter to ask you for help, and we hope that you can provide us with it. At the charity fundraising event, we have set up an auction for certain ancient items that are said to be quite rare and a delight for collectors. We know your fondness for collecting historical items, and hence we would like to invite you to the fundraiser. We are cordially inviting for the event, and we hope that you do come. All the proceedings from the auction will be used for our projects.

We are attaching the contact details of the senior manager at Roots and Shoots Foundation who will be corresponding with you and providing you other details if required. We hope that you contribute a tiny amount of your time and effort to help us in building a better Earth. We hope to see you there.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

Prattyak Chandy.

Managing Director.


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