Letter of Authorization, Sample & Format

Letter of AuthorizationA letter of authorization is written by an individual or company requesting the recipient to allow a third party to conduct a task on its behalf. The letter should contain specific information with regards to the task and the involved third party. The sender of this letter is probably not free to conduct the said task


Dr. Benjamin V. Gipson


Rosemont High Preparatory School

2468 Rosemont Avenue
Maitland, FL 32751

February 12, 2011



District Schools Conference

982 Forest Road
Nashville, TN 38897

Dear Sir

RE: Authorization Letter

I, Dr. Benjamin Gipson, principal of Rosemont High, would like to authorize Dr. Lily Foreman, to be my represent at the upcoming 13th District Schools Conference at the end of this month in Nashville.

It is my regret that I am unable to attend the said conference due to poor health; hence, I authorize Dr. Lily Foreman, my school assistant to take my place in the conference. Dr. Foreman has been working closely with me in the curriculum and development; hence, she is very well versed with the conference objective and discussion as I have briefed her quite thoroughly.

Dr. Foreman will be presenting a paper at the said conference, entitled ‘Progressing Forward with ICT for our future generation.’ I am sure that it would be a delightful presentation for all.


Thank you for your kind understanding on my authorization request.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Benjamin V. Gipson


Rosemont High Preparatory School

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