Letter of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation


A letter of appreciation is a letter expressing gratitude and thanks to an individual for some good work or performance or service rendered. It could be a formal letter if it is written between business associates; it could be informal if the letter is between friends or family who are close to one another. Such a letter, irrespective of the sphere of usage, always carries the feeling of genuine appreciation and gratitude. The primary concern of the writer should be to express this gratitude.

Such letters are relatively common in usage and carry the goodwill of a well maintained personal or business relation. The sender of the letter needs to keep in mind that the letter is semi-formal and a written reflection of gratitude. It should be grammatically and structurally sound. The writer needs to begin the letter with words of appreciation and then mention the duration or period of the business relationship and then proceed to convey gratitude by attaching a coupon or a discount voucher as a token of appreciation.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Letter of Appreciation.


Jason Cardin
1550 Taylor Street
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

February 12, 2011


Jeannette K. Mather
Bank Director,
City Bank
672 Ashwood Drive
Orange City, IA 12345

Dear Ms. Mather,

RE: In Appreciation

Thank you so much for your consent to be listed as one of my referees on my recent job application for the post of Finance Consultant with a private firm. I am happy to inform you that I have been successful in being selected to fill in the said vacancy. My new employer was very impressed by your recommendation of me. I was overjoyed when your good review of me and my work was read out from your letter of recommendation. I did not know that you had written such a favourable recommendation for me. It was a glowing recommendation and was most helpful in securing the job position for me.

It is with gratitude for your kind words that I am writing to you. I have always respected you while working under your able and fair management. If not for a greater work exposure, I would have stayed on under your tutelage. I shall forever endeavour to better your name and keep the honour of your word that you have extended in my appreciation. I shall always do my best to make sure that my work reflects the same values that your recommendation cited. Thank you so much for your previous guidance and mentoring. I shall forever remain indebted to you.

I hope and pray for your good health and happiness and hope to get the opportunity to see you soon. Please find attached a small token of my gratitude.

Thank you again.

Yours truly,
Jason Cardin

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