Letter of Apology To a Friend


Accepting one’s fault is not so easy, however, apologizing for the same can be even more difficult when it comes to express regret face to face. In such a situation, writing a Letter of Apology to a Friend shall be the most convenient approach to ask for the apology in written form. An apology in written allows the writer to be as much expressive as he/she wants to. Expressing regret for a mistake shows to the other person that their feelings are important.

A Letter of Apology to a Friend is written when one of the friends carries out a mistake, whether deliberately or out of carelessness. The person who has committed the mistake should take up the responsibility of hurting the feelings of another and be apologetic, thereby, reviving the relations between the two. The writer should clearly mention the reasons that caused the mistake. The writer should also promise to never commit such a mistake again.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Letter of Apology to a Friend


Pooja Gupta

H-18/12, Malviya Nagar,

New Delhi- 110017



Swati Garg

A-5/11, Hauz Khas,

New Delhi- 110023

Subject: Humble Apologies for Forgetting Your Birthday

Dear Swati,

I hope you are fine and in good spirits. I am fine too. I am writing this letter to apologize to you for forgetting your birthday. I am very sorry for not wishing you on the day. Please accept the best of my wishes for you on your birthday.

I know how crazy you have always been about celebrating your birthday.  However, as you know that I have recently joined a new organisation, I had been extremely involved in work to make that much needed impression on my new seniors as well as my colleagues. I understand that you had tried to contact me but I could not respond to your calls or messages. I am very apologetic about it and really regret missing your birthday. But you must know that you are a very special friend of mine and I will always cherish our friendship. To make up for the mistake that I have committed, I am planning to organize a get-together for you next week. Please confirm your availability for the same. I am also sending a special gift with the letter. I am sure you will love it.

You must know that I did not intentionally miss your birthday. Please forgive me for it. We will meet soon and enjoy greatly. Also, convey my regards to your family.

Yours lovingly,



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