Letter of Announcement


An Announcement Letter is a letter which presents to the receiver a piece of information or news in written form, such as, a job opening, promotion of an employee, budget, wedding, birthday, postponement of an event, a person’s illness or even death. The declaration that is being disclosed through the letter can either be a positive one or a negative one. However, if the issue is negative, then it should be declared in a manner that it should not cause any adverse effects on the one reading the letter.

The letter may be informal or formal in nature. Therefore, the tone of the letter, as well as the vocabulary and expressions should be selected accordingly. It shall be advisable to keep the tone of the letter polite or humble for both the types. The matter for which the Announcement Letter is being written should be clearly reported at the beginning of the letter. The particulars of the matter, such as date, time and place, should also be correctly stated in the letter. The letter should be concluded on a positive note, irrespective of the matter or information being a positive or a negative one.


 Sample Letter

The following is the sample of an Announcement Letter written by an organization  to one of its buyers to announce a new product


Edmund Hughes

World Class Light Products,

49 Featherstone Street,

London EH3Y 2SH,

United Kingdom

30 April 2017


Paddy Mahon


Mayfair Holiday Inn,

875 Campden Hill Road,

London GY2I 8GY

Subject: Announcement of New Cost Saving Transition Electric Bulb

Dear Mr. Paddy Mahon,

It is with great pleasure that we announce to our supporters the launch of a new product by the productive team of our company.  The unit has come up with the new profitable product, Transition Electric Bulb.

The product has been tested to be very efficient in reducing the electricity cost. Hence, we feel proud to have our team launch a product as effective as this. The Transition Electric Bulbs have a capsule inside them to hold gas around a filament, thereby, increasing the bulb efficiency. They are available in a wide range of shapes as well as colours at reasonable costs, the minimum being $4. We can assure you that they use less electricity and can pay for themselves in less than eleven months. Hence, they will eventually start saving you money each month. And, since, your hotel requires bulbs for its rooms in huge numbers, we believe that the Transition Electric Bulb will prove to be very profitable and cost-saving.

Since you have been among one of our old bulk buyers; we declare to you detailed information about of new product. We request you to send us your prompt reply regarding the order for the same.

Thanking you.


Edmund Hughes,


World Class Light Products

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