Letter Of Agreement Form


It is a kind of agreement paper in which both parties, entering into a business deal, highlight their terms and conditions. This letter can include details about any business deal like rent, purchase, buying, loan, etc. This letter can serve as a record for both the parties. It is a safe thing to do before both sides sign the agreement. In the letter, you should clearly state the terms and agreements. Both the parties should clearly read each and every line before signing it.

The letter should clearly contain all the provision in a clear and straightforward language. The language should not be complicated. The letter should be written in a formal tone. It should be concise and should contain details about a loan if any, terms of termination of the contract and any other condition that either of the team wants. The date should be mentioned in the letter and time and place when the agreement is signed.


Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of Letter Of Agreement Form.



Harsh Mittal

767, Kormangla






Mohan Sinha

224, GV Road



Respected sir,

I write this letter, to confirm the agreement on 12th May to rent my place to you for a party of around fifty to sixty people. As already decided, I will clean the entire area. I will arrange for the seating of your guests by providing you with the appropriate no of tables and chairs. As requested by you the main course will in the form of a buffet and for serving the snacks and drinks, I will arrange for five waiters.

My chefs will prepare the entire menu in the three course way as requested by you. For confirmation, please send the menu in the written form. I would also request you to come in the morning of the day of the party for a food tasting. Also, regarding the decorations, please do arrive in the evening one or two hours before the party to oversee the entire look of the place. As mentioned by you, I have also arranged for the lights and firecrackers and made space for a bonfire.

As discussed before, please send the first installment of Rs. 20,000 by cheque in the name of Harsh Mittal. If there are any more requirements from your side, then do let me know at the earliest. I  promise to make it a memorable party for you.

Looking forward to serving you soon.

Thanks and regards.

Harsh Mittal

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